Developer Teases God Of War Sequel With New Image

2018 may seem far, far in the distant past, but the God of War reboot will forever be a classic addition to the PlayStation back catalogue. Ever since the game launched fans have eagerly been awaiting news of a sequel, and with countless awards won, it’s been pretty obvious from the start that a sequel would be on the cards.

Although an official announcement on a God of War 2 (if you can call it that since it’s actually GoW 5) has yet to be made, it seems as though Santa Monica Studio is already entering the title into pre-production.

God Of War Movie
Credit: Santa Monica Studio

Santa Monica Narrative Animator Kim Newman recently got the rumour mill running with an image of her in a motion-capture suit that she shared to Twitter.

She captioned the image: “Feels good to be back in the suit @SantaMonicaStudio.”

Of course, GoW fans have taken this to mean only one thing: preparations for a sequel to God of War 2018 are underway.

Responses soon flooded in with eager gamers seeking more info, but of course, we’re still in the dark on what the mo-cap suit is for. Hopefully the fans are right on this one, and this truly is the first image from the production of the next God of War game.

One Twitter user speculated: “She’s definitely fay [sic]. Will see how she met Kratos.”

Another posited: “Okay here’s my take: God Of War 5 will be introduced at the same time as the PS5.”

Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part, but what other game could it be if not GoW?!

Santa Monica Studio has – unsurprisingly – not commented on the image, so we’ll just have to hope, pray and sacrifice something to the Norse Gods to ensure that this really is the next chapter for Kratos and friends.

Featured Image Credit: Santa Monica Studio