Diablo 4 Hardcore Players Are Reportedly Being Snubbed After Community Challenge

With the Diablo 4 battle to Hardcore level 100 finally over, some players have noticed their names have seemingly been overlooked.

Before the launch of Diablo 4, Blizzard issued a challenge for any player brave enough. For the first 1,000 players to hit Hardcore level 100, their names would be forever commemorated upon a giant statue of Lilith. 

Now the challenge is done and the list of winners has been revealed, some unfortunate players have noticed that their names have not been included. 

Diablo 4 Hardcore Players Are Reportedly Being Snubbed

This news comes after the developers released the list of the 1,000 players who would soon be getting their names engraved on the giant Lilith statue outside the Blizzard HQ in California. 

This is an admirable feat considering not only did these select few reach Hardcore level 100 but they also had to do it knowing any death would be a permanent wipe. 

Once these players reached the required level, all they had to do was provide a screenshot or video of their character and post it to Twitter with certain hashtags. 

However, despite some players meeting all the requirements, they still appear to have been snubbed. 


For example, this player took to Reddit after noticing that they were not included. 

“I achieved level 100 (HC) on June 10th in the top 100ish players and tweeted correctly, but my battletag was not included on the top 1000 list released today July 5th by Blizzard”, they state alongside their proof.

Since then, many others have come forward saying they have experienced the same.

Another player asked if they “just got passed over” in a Reddit post.

At the time of writing this, Blizzard have not addressed the missing soldiers. However, it will be a big shame to not see their names immortalised. 

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