Diablo 4 Streamer Loses Level 91 Hardcore Character To An “Unfair” Bug

The Diablo 4 race to level 100 on Hardcore mode is still ongoing. However, another player has recently lost his character thanks to an “unfair” bug. 

The start of the month saw Blizzard announce a challenge for all those players who would be diving into their latest title, Diablo 4. For the first 1000 players who hit level 100 in the game’s Hardcore mode, their names would be forever memorialised in a statue of Lilith. 

Diablo 4 Race To 100

Sounds pretty easy right? Not really. Despite the challenge kicking off on June 6, only 291 players have reached level 100, leaving 709 nameplates still up for grabs. 

With plenty of spots still available, players all over the world are taking the risk in the game’s Hardcore mode. With this mode meaning any death resets you back to level 1, you must do whatever it takes to stay alive.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for Twitch streamer Quin69. As reported by Dexerto, Quin69 had racked up 172 hours and 50 minutes of gameplay and was sitting at level 91. However, despite being just nine levels off the coveted spot, his character was met with a tragic fate.

According to him, his character was slain by the “most unfair bug in Diablo IV.”

The dreaded moment occurred when his screen faded to black and he was met with a pop-up claiming that his character had died. This happened during a loading screen which saw his character travelling to an invulnerability zone. 

“Bro, I finished the f**king map. This is dogs**t. I finished the f**king keystone. In the loading screen, my character has died,” Quin69 lamented in a recent stream.

Fix Your Game

This is not the first time players have lost their high-level characters to random bugs. This has led to many people begging Blizzard to fix their game. 

As of now, the company is yet to comment on Quin69’s fate so we are unsure if he will be able to get his character back. 

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