Disney’s Marvel Theme Park Looks Absolutely Insane

I want it now.

Credit: D23/Disney

Ever since Disney acquired Fox, it’s been only a matter of time before everyone’s favourite superheroes made their way to Disney parks across the world.

However, it became official when Disney announced that a new Marvel-centric attraction would be coming to Disneyland’s California Adventure in 2020 — and it’s called the “Avengers Campus.” So far, the concept art looks absolutely incredible.

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Credit: D23/Disney

Originally announced at their D23 Expo, it will become an extension on the already present Guardians Of The Galaxy ride that was introduced back in 2007 to the park.

There will also be inclusion of ‘Avengers Training Grounds’, which is described on the official D23 blog as something that can encourages guests to: “become part of an interconnected, global story spanning from California to Paris to Hong Kong, as the Avengers recruit new extraordinary people to join them.”

Credit: D23/Disney

There currently has been no official confirmation as to which superheroes will be making an appearance within the park, but judging by the concept art Spider-Man in particular has been very present within all of the pictures, as has Stark Industries – meaning Iron Man can’t be too far from the public’s reach.


The section in the park will reportedly take over the now defunct A Bugs Land section, and will likely include a microbrewery, a meet-and-greet area and also a retail shopping section – likely filled with all the superhero merchandise you could dream of.

The expansion is also coming to Disneyland Paris for those of you who don’t live within a stones throw from California.

Credit: D23/Disney

The only difference within the Disney Parks’ Marvel lands is that California’s will have one more ride, but other than that the two are set to be pretty similar in their superhero offerings.

There has also been announced a new Spider-Man ride, which will be located within the Avengers Campus.

“These campuses are going to be linked together in a global story,” said Bob Chapek, Chairman of the Disney Parks.

Credit: D23/Disney

“Through a combination of classic effects and innovative technologies, guests will be able to sling webs, just like Spider-Man, in an interactive, totally cool, but family-friendly adventure,” said Chapek. 

A second attraction surrounding Black Panther has also been announced, where guests will ‘fly to Wakanda to help the heroes defeat an evil villain’. We have no idea who that villain will be yet, but considering the second film is coming out soon, it’ll probably be someone from that.

“We’ll find ourselves caught up in an even bigger adventure, one where we all have to step up, suit up, and team up alongside the Avengers in an epic battle to save our world against one of the most powerful villains they’ve ever faced,” said Chapek. 

Overall, it all sounds pretty damn bloody exciting, don’t you think? I’m just going to start saving my money now, as I can’t wait to officially become the Avenger I was always destined to be.

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Featured Image Credit: Disney/D23

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