Dying Light 2 Day 1 Patch Has Over 1,000 Fixes

Dying Light 2 is out today and with it comes a day one patch. The day one patch in question comes with over 1,000 fixes. Yikes!

In the modern gaming era, day one patches are nothing new. In fact, it’s expected. Some may look down on this aspect and say back in the day, this was never the norm.

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Yeah, I ‘member

Thankfully, before the age of the internet, most games would be released in an acceptable state. Unfortunately, if a game was broken, there wasn’t much else you could do, other than send the product back.

I suppose depending on your perspective, the generation of a day one patch can be considered a good or bad thing. For me personally, as much as I would prefer a game to release in an acceptable state, some issues cannot be foreseen until out in the wild. So, I see the benefits of being able to easily fix issues with a simple download.

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1,000 fixes and counting!

However, even for a game as large as Dying Light 2: Stay Human, 1,000 fixes are a lot! Most of the fixes are for stability and so forth. As reported by IGN, below are some of the highlights from update 1.004:

  • Fixed the Broadcast infinite respawn story block
  • Fix for dialogues that block story progression
  • Re-signing to the coop session doesn’t fail in case the user is logged in
  • Crash when handling electrical parts to Carlos in Bazaar
  • Fixed problems with temporarily lowering the difficulty level – improved adaptive difficulty for Ais
  • Fixed crash caused by background renderer during the transition between menu and loading screens
  • Increased Wwise overall memory limit – fix for missing sounds and voice-over
  • Resolved problems with objects and AI sinking into the ground on a flat surface.
  • DLSS enabled. Improved default DLSS sharpness.
  • Fix for AI sometimes freezing/becoming immortal when the owner changes during death
  • Fixed the gamepad isn’t detected by the game before any movement or action will be conducted using a keyboard or mouse
  • Added protection against potential crashes.
  • Updates for ES, CH; DE intro.
  • Added missing game actions fixing the game’s unresponsiveness.
  • Streamer mode option that(was not working properly).
  • Fixed crash on opening the secondary screen.
  • Fixed disconnecting coop sessions after a certain amount of time.
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Dying Light 2: Stay Human is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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Featured Image Credit: Techland