E3 Is Going To Be Very Different Next Year, Say Reports

E3 2019 wasn’t the most successful E3 of all time. The show was always going to be a little strange after Sony confirmed it wouldn’t be attending for its annual conference, but things definitely went a little sour from there.

After the event it was revealed that a huge number of media attendees had their personal data leaked online thanks to a data breach, leading many to question E3’s role in the changing landscape of the video games industry.

Credit: E3

It seems that E3 has been listening to the concerns of the public if new reports are to be believed, as it looks like E3 2020 could be set to take an entirely different approach to showcasing and celebrating video games.

According to a report from GameDaily, E3 2020 will explore completely different avenues for its next show, opting for a more crowd-friendly experience, including a Disney Parks-style FastPass system to avoid queueing for demos.

Credit: Sony/E3

Instead of following the traditional trade-show format, E3 will apparently instead be looking to pursue a more “festival-like” approach, with reliance on influencers and social media stars to keep the show relevant and in-the-moment.

“Queuetainment” will keep people occupied while they wait in queues to try out new game demos, and there also be a designated day for press while the rest of the time will be open to the public.

Reveals And Release Dates E3 2019
Credit: Geoff Keighley/E3

It definitely sounds like an interesting idea, but it doesn’t sound like the E3 we know, and there’s lots of ways that this potentially wouldn’t work out well.

Would you like to see E3 try a more consumer-friendly event like Gamescom? Or should E3 stick to being (mostly) a trade-only showcase?

Featured Image Credit: E3/Pixabay