EA Is ‘More Interested Than Ever’ In Buying WB Games

EA has reportedly set its sights on Warner Bros Games, with the company stating it’s “more interested than ever” in an acquisition.

Credit: EA

The news comes from a recent EA investor call, in which the company expressed great interest in picking up WB Games, the parent company of studios including Rocksteady, best known for the Batman Arkham games. Although not confirmed, it’s heavily rumoured that WB Games is up for sale, leading to interest from a number of gaming top dogs.

It’s not just Batman who’d belong to EA should a purchase be arranged. WB Games is also the parent company of studios including NetherRealm Studios, TT Games, and Warner Bros. Montreal. What that could mean is that longstanding and beloved franchises including Mortal Kombat and the LEGO games could fall into the hands of EA.

Credit: TT Games

Considering EA’s track record with big franchises including Star Wars, this isn’t really news that fans might want to hear.

However, there’s nothing set in stone as of yet, and a number of other heavy hitters in the world of gaming have also expressed an interest in picking up WB Games. These include Activision, Microsoft and even the parent company of 2K Games and Rockstar Games, Take-Two Interactive.

Credit: Rockstar Games

It all comes down to the money here though, and even with multiple parties interested in purchasing WB Games for themselves, it’s all down to who can afford to part with the most cash.

Credit: Rocksteady Games/WB Montreal

Considering the size of WB Games, we’re probably not just talking millions of dollars here, so it’s likely to be sold to the company who can most comfortably afford a buy out.

It’s not yet been confirmed that WB Games is up for grabs, so take the rumour with a pinch of salt as always.

Featured Image Credit: EA/Rocksteady