Early Bloodborne Concept Found in Dark Souls Remastered Can Be Played in GTA V!

Ok, now this is a strange one and perhaps a collaboration of video games and a personality that we never saw coming, but Trevor from GTA V has visited the Upper Cathedral Ward from Bloodborne, I kid you not, oh and he was driving a car around the area too!

How this came about was down to a modder finding a file hidden in Dark Souls Remastered under the name “m99_99_98_00”. So when the modder by the name of Dropoff investigated the file in question, the Upper Cathedral Ward was discovered. It’s perhaps a little strange that a Bloodborne prototype map, a game that released in 2015 was found in a 2018 re-release of a remastered version of a game that released in 2011. Then you throw Trevor into the map with a car and the situation just gets a whole lot weirder.

The easy explanation for the Bloodborne maps existence is that perhaps this area was originally intended to be used in the Dark Souls series. Textures aside, the map is obviously somewhat different to the final version that we saw released in Bloodborne, but fans should be able to recognise the structure none the less.

Another modder, Lance McDonald, also discovered a section of the Boletaria from Demon’s Souls in the same set of files, which is quite interesting. You can check out the video of Trevor driving a car around the Upper Cathedral Ward and a couple of Tweets revealing more prototype images, including the one featuring the Boletaria.

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