Elden Ring DLC data leak, suggests new bosses and dungeons

A new Elden Ring data leak has hinted that DLC could be on the way and it will include new bosses as well as dungeons.

It’s not the first time that we’ve heard rumours of Elden Ring DLC being on the way. Back in March 2022, a hidden Colosseum was discovered that hinted at forthcoming DLC. Moreover, a Bandai Namco data leak also suggests that we will soon be treated to additional content.

That Elden Ring DLC rumour is very familiar

However, hidden deep within the files of update 1.07 last month, added fuel has been thrown onto the speculative fire. According to dataminer sekirodubai, plenty of DLC is coming to the Lands Between.

Apparently, Elden Ring will be getting up to 30 new bosses, and a new area called the Colosseum. Furthermore, the Colosseum sounds a lot like the rumours that were floating around back in March 2022.

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Credit: Bandai Namco/FromSoftware

30 bosses might not be totally accurate

Thankfully, that is not all, because the Elden Ring DLC could also bring six new weapons, new hair cosmetics, as well as 16 NPC/Boss entries dubbed “Someone Yet Unseen”.

However, sekirodubai doesn’t believe that 30 new bosses will arrive to Elden Ring, instead, it is believed that 30 spots are left open, just in case.

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Hopefully, now that even more rumours are out there, Bandai Namco and FromSoftware might make an official announcement soon. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for The Game Awards this December.

We love Elden Ring!

In our review of Elden Ring, we said: “If Dark Souls was the earthquake, Elden Ring is the aftershock. In a sense, it’s more of a love letter to the Soulsborne fanbase, incorporating dramatic fragments of each past game into a single product that is rewarding and fulfilling.

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Would you like to see DLC in the Lands Between?

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