Elden Ring is getting an official  board game coming to Kickstarter

Elden Ring, the latest smash hit by FromSoftware, is getting an official board game. Oh, and it’s coming to Kickstarter very soon.

The board game is being developed by Steamforged Games, the same creators of the officially licensed Dark Souls, Horizon Zero Dawn as well as Resident Evil board games.

Venture into the Lands Between

Furthermore, the Elden Ring board game is said to be “as challenging as you’d expect”. I think FromSoftware fans will expect nothing less.

However, in an unexpected twist, the Elden Ring tabletop board game will feature “dice less combat”.

The board game will take place in the Lands Between and will also be playable for one to four players.

Additionally, the board game is described as “a huge and varied adventure, visiting iconic locations and crossing paths with familiar enemies and characters.

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Credit: Bandai Namco/FromSoftware

Sherwin Matthews, a lead designer at Steamforged Games told Wargamer: “It will be as challenging as you’d expect from the video game’s fearsome reputation.

Elden Ring board game will offer something new

Elden Ring: The Board Game uses an entirely new game engine,” continues Matthews. Adding that it has a: “massive open world and the feeling of exploration was very much at the forefront of our minds during design and development of the game.

Further details on the board game will be kept under wraps until the Kickstarter campaign is officially underway. “We plan to dive deeper into how the game plays in the coming weeks, with designer diaries and interviews, so stay tuned for that,” says Matthews.

Shardbearers Elden Ring
Credit: Bandai Namco/FromSoftware

Moreover, the press release elaborates on dice-less combat, a mechanic not implemented in previous Steamforged Games tabletop products.

The Kickstarter campaign launches soon

The video game’s characteristically challenging fights will be recreated by intelligent dice-free combat, requiring players to strategise and adapt their plans during each encounter—whether that be a lowly Godrick Soldier or the Grafted King himself.

In related Elden Rings news, Soulsborne fans are hoping that recent leaks indicate that Elden Ring DLC is on the way. We’ll have our fingers crossed.

The Elden Ring Kickstarter campaign will launch in the coming weeks and we expect it to smash whatever funding goal is set. 

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