Elden Ring Kenneth Questline Guide

The Elden Ring Kenneth questline is now fixed as of Elden Ring 1.03 update, click here for more on that one. Previously, the questline wouldn’t allow players to progress after a certain point. Before getting into where to start and how to complete the Elden Ring Kenneth questline, let’s check in on some lore.

Elden Ring FAQ: Every Guide You’ll Need

All about That Lore – Elden Ring Kenneth Questline

Well, our Kenneth believes he’s the next in line as the rightful ruler of Limgrave. He’s a bit of a loudmouth and is a typical snooty-nosed politician type who believes his business is more important than anyone else. Can we kill him yet?

When players first meet him, they will be asked to go and clear out their fort in return for a reward. Maybe letting players get on with their death-riddled day might be a better reward? Let’s get into it.

Location – Elden Ring Kenneth Questline

Players should first head to the Artist Shack in Limgrave, which is near the Murkwater Cave area. Next, head over to the nearby bridge to find young Kenneth for the conversation mentioned above.

After this, players will find him at Fort Haight in eastern Limgrave waiting for players to defeat the enemies within. Once players have made their way to the top of the Fort, they’ll then listen to Kenneth banging on about Godrick’s failed rule.

Players should then head to Godrick’s old throne room (they should have also killed Godrick at this point). Kenneth will be there waiting to gift players the Erdsteel Daggar and a promise of Knighthood once he reclaims Fort Haight.


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