Elden Ring Player Tragically Kills NPC At End Of Questline By Accident

Watch on as an Elden Ring player tragically killed an NPC at the end of a questline by accident. Thankfully, there is a fix. Kind of.

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Whether it’s Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne or Sekiro, the chances are that we’ve all killed an NPC by mistake. After all, Soulsborne games program us to think that just about everything in the game is out to kill us. This can lead us to think that it’s better to act first than last.

I was only playing Elden Ring over the weekend and I nearly killed an NPC myself. While I was exploring Limgrave, I saw a suspicious woman standing below a platform. My initial instinct was to drop down and kill her before she kills me.

Not everything is out to kill you

Thankfully, however, I took a few seconds to think before making a rash decision, and I’m glad that I did. As it turned out, it was just Hyetta, a lady that I had already met outside of Stormveil Castle and all she wanted was a grape.

Unfortunately for a player named Flashypenguin0, they were not so lucky. In a clip uploaded to Reddit, the player in question can be seen exploring the game and then they accidentally drop on top of and kill an NPC named Millicent.

To add insult to injury, Millicent says upon her death that she did not exact things to end this way and will not forget what has happened to her. Talk about using a guilt trip! It then takes a few seconds for the events to sink in for Flashypenguin0. Though I suppose the player at least was rewarded with the Unalloyed Gold Needle.

Thankfully, there is a way to right the wrongs of an NPCs untimely death. Although from what I hear, it’s not possible to revive Millicent so far into the quest after Flashypenguin0 had killed her.

NPCS can be brought back

That being said, if you have killed an NPC and regretted your decision, there is a fix. Just over to the east side of Raya Lucaria there is a location called the Church of Vows. If you’ve already been here, you may remember the giant Tortoise wearing a Pope’s hat, officially known as Miriel, Pastor of Vows.

elden ring
Credit: Prima Games

In this church is also a statue in a pool of water. If you’ve killed an NPC, when approaching this statue, you should be given the option to clear your sins in exchange for a Celestial Dew.

Unfortunately, finding a Celestial Dew is not so easy, unless you’ve randomly picked one up on your travels. If memory serves me correct, a Celestial Dew can sometimes be found in the Ainsel River Well.

Once you have acquired a Celestial Dew, revisit the Church of Vows, exchange the item at the statue to absorb your sins and all NPCs that you have killed should be revived in their original locations. Just try not to kill any more NPCs, ok?

Have you accidentally killed an NPC in Elden Ring? Let us know your tragic tale across our social media channels.

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