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Elden Ring Players Dominate PvP By Rolling Into Enemies

Elden Ring players are massacring Invaders by rolling in PvP multiplayer. Both humouring and frustrating gamers alike.

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By experimenting with various builds and equipping certain items such as Ashes of War, players are finding new ways to break the game. Just take a look at the player that believes he’s a “necessary evil” and this build that generates 8,000 damage!

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Credit: FromSoftware

However, this latest game-breaking build is causing even more mayhem for players falling victim to its shenanigans. In a gameplay clip shared on Twitter, Tylxx and a friend can be seen absolutely dominating an Invading player. By the looks of things, there’s little the Invader can do about it.

Personally, I always love to see Invaders getting whipped by players they choose to attack. Especially when one Invading player gate-crashes someone in a multiplayer co-op session. It’s one of the most satisfying things to see in Elden Ring.

Basically, Tylxx and their friend can be seen spamming the Ashes of War called the “Lightning Ram”, which can dispose of an Invader with ease. The clip even finishes with a very well-timed emote pose to celebrate the dominating victory.


The Lightning Ram allows the player to roll like a supercharged boulder repeatedly without pauses and uses very little stamina. Meaning that players can spam this skill until their heart’s content.

All’s fair with the Ashes of War

YouTube video

Tylxx told Kotaku that they had grown tired of Invading players, so they fought fire with fire. “As far as backstory, the only thing I’d like to stress is that me and my friend [PP in the video] were getting kinda frustrated with invasions and all of the ‘OP build’ nonsense people were using,” said Tylxx.

Typically, people would invade when we were goofing around and just one-shot us with the pre-patch Erdtree Shield. Absolutely no fun at all. We made it our mission to at least give people a memorable experience when they invaded us and given the reception to the video, I think we have accomplished that.


Have you encountered anyone using the Lighting Ram to dispose of you or perhaps you’re a player using it? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware