Epic Games Offers SIX Free Batman Games To Download And Keep

The Epic Games Store might be a controversial place right now, but you can’t deny it’s been offering out some killer games for free as of late.

This month is no different, as it’s been revealed that Epic isn’t just giving away two free games, but SIX – and they’re all amazing titles for DC Comics fans.

Credit: LEGO

Six full and complete games from two Batman trilogies can be yours to download and keep forever (as long as you keep your account with the Epic Store): the entire Batman Arkham series from Rocksteady, and the ever-delightful LEGO Batman series.

Over on Twitter, the Epic Games Store tweeted the news, writing: “Celebrate 80 years of the Caped Crusader with SIX free Batman games on the #EpicGamesStore: the Batman Arkham Collection and LEGO Batman Trilogy.”

Batman Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight are three of Rocksteady’s best games, and if you’ve never played them then now’s your opportunity. Violent, exciting and with insanely satisfying combat mechanics, these are absolutely classic titles that your collection really shouldn’t be without.

Credit: Rocksteady

On the flippity-flipside, the LEGO Batman download includes LEGO Batman: The Video Game, Batman 2: DC Superheroes and Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. Like all LEGO games, these are fun AF and a lot more family-friendly than the Rocksteady Batman games.

Credit: LEGO

The only caveat to downloading these games is that a) yes, you have to sign up to the Epic Store, and b) though Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are the GOTY editions and include all DLC, Arkham Knight’s DLC isn’t included and isn’t available on the store.

You can pick up the Batman games here on the Epic Games Store up until September 26th, so best cancel your weekend plans right now.

Keep up the good work Epic!

Featured Image Credit: Rocksteady