Epic Games Store Has Cheap Games But Will Block Your Account If You Buy Too Many

The Epic Games Store’s first sale has begun, and although it’s filled with some excellent money-saving deals, it turns out there’s a catch.

It’s being reported [via Game Revolution] that purchasing too many games from Epic, too quickly, will result in your account being blocked.

Credit: Epic Games

The news comes from a streamer, who posted their experience on Twitter, claiming that purchasing five games from the Epic Store led to an error message telling them to contact customer services.

“So I can confirm that me buying a whopping 5 games (ranging from 5 bucks to 50) on the Epic Store flagged my account for possibly fraudulent [use]. Maybe if you guys had a f*cking shopping cart,” wrote Patrick Boivin.

He also shared a picture of the error message, which you can see below.

Credit: Epic Games via Patrick Boivin

Game Revolution reached out to Epic Game to clarify what actually happened here.

Nick Chester from Epic’s PR reportedly responded saying: “This was a result of our aggressive fraud rules…If players run into this issue, they should contact player support so we can investigate.”

Credit: Epic Games

It’s a shame to see, but with the Epic Games Store already facing a huge amount of controversy, it’s not really too surprising.

Some of its discounted games available right now in the summer sale include Heavy Rain, Ashen, Close to the Sun and Beyond: Two Souls.

Credit: Quantic Dream

Along with offering a tonne of games at less than their usual RRP, Epic is adding a further discount where any game you pick up that’s over £14 GBP/$15 USD will grant you an additional £10/$10 discount.

Just don’t buy too many titles, too quickly, apparently.

Maybe Epic Games needs to look into adding a shopping cart to its store before its next big sale to prevent this happening again.

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games