Esports Won’t Be Coming To The Olympics Because They ‘Don’t Exist’

With Ninja appearing on the cover of ESPN magazine and an esports racer beating a professional Formula racer IRL, it looks like esports may finally be recognised as an actual and legitimate sport.

Credit: ESPN/Ninja

Or at least it did look that way until Alfons Hörmann, president of the German Olympic Sport Federation, debunked the idea of esports ever making it to the Olympics.

Speaking to [via PCGamer], Hörmann said: “Esport does not exist and it will not be included in the Olympic program.”

Way to sugar-coat that, Hörmann.

Credit: Nintendo

Last year the International Olympic Committee held an esports forum and it looks like we’re getting closer and closer to seeing esports recognised in the sporting industry.

Maybe by the time the 2024 Olympics roll around…?

Credit: Nintendo

Not everyone is keen to have the two realms collide though, with Twitter being very vocal about the idea. One user tweeted that esports and the Olympics “don’t need” each other, with another saying the two “don’t belong” together.

We could start off simple though – maybe a round of Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games on the Nintendo Wii (RIP)?

What do you think about the news? Would you like to have esports included at the Olympics in the future, or should the two sporting events keep themselves to themselves?

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo.