Fallout 76 Player With 900 Hours Playtime Banned For Having ‘Too Much Ammo’

Bethesda is hitting the headlines again thanks to its recent decision to ban a Fallout 76 player for “having too much ammo.”

The real kicker here is that the player, who shared his story on Reddit [via TwistedVoxel] under the name Glorf12, had spent more than 900 hours playing the online multiplayer before the ban, and was simply sharing his expertise on Reddit. Unfortunately, it seems like his expertise hasn’t sat well with Bethesda, who’s accused him of cheating.

Check out the screenshot of the email from Bethesda Software below.

Credit: Reddit/Glorf12

Sharing the screenshot of the email from Bethesda, along with a detailed post about how he thinks it happened, he adds: “I cannot be more adamant that I have never once owned an item in excess of 100,000 and I believe I have been banned due to others reporting me.

Credit: Bethesda

“I often use 2 accounts to transfer items between my characters. I even detail it in the comments of the above reddit post how and why I do this. My belief is that people see a level 450+ player trading with a level 2 character and immediately think REPORT HIM REPORT HIM REPORT HIM. I even get some players who harass me when I’m attempting to trade items.

“Bethesda you need to fix this NOW. Not in a future patch. Not in a month. Now. You have banned the only legitimate player base left playing your game. I will be inputting support tickets non stop all day today.”

Credit: Bethesda

Unfortunately, his account is yet to be reinstated, but it’s not looking very positive for Bethesda and Twitter has a lot to say on the matter.

Better fix this quick, Bethesda!

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda