Fan-Favourite MW2 Map Is Likely Headed To New Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was the epitome of happiness, and just the memory of picking up the game is enough to bring on a case of a warm fuzzies. The series has yet to reach that peak of pure joy again, but 2019’s Modern Warfare is hopefully going to change that – potentially by including an amped-up version of one of MW2’s best maps.

Credit: Activision

A dataminer by the name of TheGamingRevolution may have spotted evidence of the one and only Rust in the Modern Warfare beta, and it’s gotten fans near enough drooling at the idea [via Dexerto].

Sharing an image to Twitter, TheGameRevolution simply writes: “Rust in Modern Warfare.”

Of course we don’t actually have too much to go on with this rather cryptic tweet, but it’s enough to definitely pique my interest.

If you never got to experience the pure joy that is Modern Warfare 2, the 2009 classic is one of the most well-loved games in the franchise, and its Rust map is one of the best maps of the entire series.

Credit: Activision

As one of the smaller CoD maps, Rust placed a big focus on short-ranged matches in a very enclosed space. The size – and square shape – meant that you’d almost always be guaranteed a Hunger Games-style gore-fest, with players spawning in almost directly in front of others. It was hardcore, it was messy, and it was the most fun you could have in 2009.

Sadly, Rust hasn’t been in another CoD game since MW2 (barring an Easter egg spotted in the 2014 CoD, Advanced Warfare).

Credit: Activision

Unfortunately we might have to wait a while to find out just how Rust might work in the new Modern Warfare, but let’s all hope and pray that we’ll be seeing this iconic map make a well-deserved comeback.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, October 25.

Featured Image Credit: Activision