Former Rockstar Employee’s Resume Seems To Reveal that GTA VI is in Development

Gamers were looking through Rockstars employees resume online – Why? Because why not? And also it turns up potential information like this!

Bibin Michael is a 3d game artist who worked for Rockstar for over two years. This was from 2017 to 2018. After people found Michael’s resume they discovered that he claims to have worded on concept vehicles for the unannounced GTA VI.

These parts of Michael’s resume seem to have been redacted at this time which only furthers the proof that GTA VI does exist in some capacity at least.

It is good to know that GTA VI has been in development for a year at the least as this means it will hopefully be here sooner! This isn’t too much of a surprise, we always knew that there would be a GTA VI on the way it was just a matter of how long we will have to wait.

We could be seeing a reveal trailer at this years E3 and that is where I would keep my eyes glued if I was a Grand Theft Auto fan. I, for one, hope they take some inspiration from the massive Red Dead Redemption 2 which was released at the tail end of last year and create an even bigger open world with even more fleshed out characters. Either way GTA VI is going to be a game changer for sure.

A leak earlier this month claims that the PS5 and GTA VI are both aimed to come out for 2020. This still hasn’t been confirmed or denied by Rockstar (unsurprisingly) so there is no way of knowing whether this is actually the case or not. Having said that it’s incredibly, incredibly unlikely – maybe even impossible – for Rockstar Games to be releasing Grand Theft Auto 6 next year.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is still revelling in its hugely successful launch and Red Dead Online is still in beta.

Plus we can’t forget that RDR2 was a massive SEVEN YEARS in the making. So a new GTA next year? No. Never going to happen. And if it does, I will eat my Arthur Morgan hat.

What do you think of the supposed leaks?