Fornite’s Season Five Week Four Challenges Have Now Leaked 

Fornite‘s newest patch dropped this week, and it’s given the Fortnite dataminers everything they need to get a first look at the upcoming week four challenges. 

According to a popular source of leaks like this, Fortnite Tracker, we can expect the following challenges coming to the game. 

Free Battle Pass challenges: 

  • “Build Structures – 250.” There’s not a lot of information about this challenge just yet, but the name suggests you’ll gave to build a massive 250 structures to complete it. It’s a big number, but you’ll have until the end of the season to get it done. 
  • “Eliminate opponents in Dusty Divot – 3.” New trees at Dusty Divot are making it a pretty tough battleground right now. Having a challenge set here could make for some interesting play! 
  • “Jump through Flaming Hoops with a shopping cart or ATK – 5.” This one sounds absolutely brilliant, and we can’t wait for the hoops to go live in the game. 

Paid Battle Pass challenges: 

  • “Search the chests in Flush Factory – 7.” There will be 13 locations in which chests can spawn in Flush Factory, and this challenge is bound to be a hectic one. There are a couple of spawns that you should be able to drop in on, but when it comes to the ones in the factory you’re likely to be facing down some tough competition! 
  • “Deal damage to Sniper Rifles to opponents – 500.” It’s important to note this can just be damage – it doesn’t necessarily need to be a kill. 
  • “Pistol Eliminations – 3.” Pistols might not be your go-to weapon of choice, but they’re a nifty option if you’ve got the skills. 
  • “Search between a Gas Station, Soccer Pitch and Stunt Mountain.” Fairly self-explanatory, but definitely a fun challenge. 

Don’t forget, leaks found in the patch notes for Fortnite can always be changed by Epic Games, so don’t be surprised if any of the above information changes! 

Which challenge are you most excited for?  

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