It's not good news for Fortnite fans.

Fortnite Might Not Return To App Store For A Very Long Time

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has revealed that Fortnite could be exiled for at least five years by Apple due to the ongoing legal battle.

Last Year, Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Apple regarding in-app purchase methods outside of what is offered by the App Store. In truth, it’s a bloated back and forth legal battle which won’t be ending anytime soon.

As reported by Game Rant, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney published a series of communication documents between Epic and Apple during the legal dispute. Sweeny claims that Apple has gone back on its promise.


It’s not great news for Fortnite players

epic games vs apple
Credit: Apple/Epic Games

However, Sweeny also claimed that because of the legal battle, Epic Games has allegedly been banned from the App Store. This could result in Fortnite and other Epic Games software being exiled from the App Store for five years.

It’s reported Apple won’t consider Epic Games software on the App Store while Epic Games is appealing the court case.

Late last night, Apple informed Epic that Fortnite will be banned from the Apple ecosystem until the exhaustion of all court appeals, which could be as long as a 5-year process,” tweeted the CEO.


It’s fair to say that regardless of which company you may or may not side with during this legal battle, the one side it does not favour is Fortnite players and developers using the Unreal Engine on the App Store. Ultimately, it’s the gamers that miss out the most.

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Featured Image Credit: Epic Games