Fortnite Players Are Protesting Epic By Uninstalling The Game

The problem with being one of the biggest games of all time is that you can’t please everyone, and sometimes the updates and game changes you put out are going to p*ss people off more than impress them.

Unfortunately that’s exactly what’s happened with Fortnite right now, where players of the Epic Games behemoth are protesting the game’s latest update for one reason: the new Brutes.

Credit: Epic Games

The mechs are one of the latest additions to Fortnite, and thanks to overwhelmingly negative response from players, Epic Games will be looking in to how to change the new mechanic.

Over on Reddit, people have been quick to not only uninstall the game over the Brutes, which are incredibly OP and swoop in to destroy players willy-nilly, but they’ve also been uploading the footage to social media.

See you guys in season 11! from r/FortniteCompetitive

The same’s been happening on Twitter, where the mech problem is almost reaching meme status.

One angry Fortnite player tweeted in protest of Epic’s latest update, writing: “About to just uninstall Fortnite.

“Apparently, @FortniteGame && @EpicGames don’t understand that their followers are over these mechs. The game isn’t even fun. Spend the whole game avoiding mechs just to get demolished by one at end game.”

Another irate player tweeted: “I cant believe a clown at epic games sat down and pitched the mech idea to the fortnite team..idk what worse that or the people that didnt fire him instantly and instead were like ‘f*ck yeah man lets do that’. [Company’s] ran by idiots.”

Credit: Epic Games

Epic Games has now responded to the outcry, with community manager Nathan Mooney taking to the Fortnite subreddit to explain what’s happening behind the scenes.

“Right now, we’re evaluating Brute gameplay, as well as observing how it performs across all modes and skill levels,” he said. “We are also working to fix movement-related bugs with the Brute to address exploits.”

It might be too little too late, as people are seriously upset with the Brute!

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games