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Fortnite Players Want Xbox Vs. PlayStation Competition

With big cash prizes.

Credit: Microsoft/Sony

Epic Games is seemingly pretty happy to throw around some serious money when it comes to its esports tournaments.

The company definitely made it rain for more than a few talented gamers during the recently-wrapped-up Fortnite World Cup, and it seems that Fortnite fans across the world are already looking to the next idea for Epic.

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Credit: Epic Games

Streamer and pro gamer Jack “CouRage” Dunlop recently took to Twitter with a now-viral tweet suggesting that Epic’s next big showdown should be a battle between consoles.

“Alright…hear me out,” he tweeted. “PlayStation vs Xbox – Fortnite competitive tournament. 50 PlayStation players. 50 Xbox players. Millions on the line. I think this needs to happen too, Epic.”

Here is an excellent GIF which sums up the idea perfectly.


The suggestion not only caused a stir on Twitter, but also over on Reddit where the comment was shared.

There’s often a lot of debate when it comes to multi-platform games, with the widespread belief being that PC gamers have more control and less technological issues than console gamers, especially when it comes to titles like Fortnite.

It’d definitely be interesting to see console players go head to head under an esports banner, but it’s probably not as simple as it sounds.

Credit: Epic Games

The Xbox One X is a more powerful console than even the PlayStation 4 Pro, potentially adding an unfair advantage when it comes to frame rate.

That being said, there are claims that PS4 gamers usually win matches more than Xbox players, so maybe the best thing here really is to just fight it out.

Would you like to see an Xbox vs. PlayStation Fortnite match?

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft/Sony

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