Gamer Beats The Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Whilst Blindfolded

In what’s one of the most impressive feats of 2019, a gamer has managed to complete Nintendo’s The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild whilst wearing a blindfold.

Credit: Nintendo

Twitch streamer CrystalSaver wowed his subscribers by completing the game’s final boss without actually being able to see – and how he did it seriously impressive.

Check it out for yourself in the clip below!

Explaining the achievement in a little more detail over on Reddit, CrystalSaver said he accomplished the almost-impossible with a lot of dedicated time and effort…

He writes: “[it was done with] 2 months of prior practice, using all possible sound cues like the shrine beeper and chest beeper, and some parts had to memorize precise steps for. Capturing a horse and letting it go on the road paths helped alot [sic] as well.”

Credit: Nintendo

When asked if it was just the final boss or the whole game, CrystalSaver replied: “I did everything I listed blindfolded within 17 total sessions. All Major Quests (all divine beasts + memories), No Amiibo, Bug Limit (rules on the speedrun website for whatever those were) plus some custom challenge rules.”

In total, it took 103 hours to get the game completed. Now that takes some serious dedication!

Credit: Nintendo

If you’re thinking of trying it out yourself, CrystalSaver offers the following tip for the final boss: “The open eyeball makes a similar sound to the 7 golden targets, except louder. As long as you know Ganon is in front of you (using the camera), you can center the sound going left or right.”

Well done, CrystalSaver! This is definitely one of the most impressive Breath Of The Wild achievements we’ve ever seen.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo