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GameStop Will Reportedly Offer Multiple Payment Plans For Next-Gen Consoles

It’s believed that GameStop will offer various ways for customers to purchase next-generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles without having to pay upfront.

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It’s already been confirmed that Microsoft will offer its own monthly subscription service which will allow consumers to own an Xbox Series X or Series S along with Game Pass Ultimate for a monthly fee, but it seems as though GameStop is following suit.

VentureBeat cites internal sources as having stated that GameStop is currently exploring different payment options to allow more customers to buy the next consoles. Though this has yet to be confirmed, it does mean that more people who might not be able to afford the pricey consoles will have more options to suit their needs.

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A layaway plan is reportedly being considered by the retailer, which makes sense considering layaway services are often used for other items sold at GameStop. GameStop currently runs a layaway program without fees to enable customers to purchase current-gen consoles, so it’s not too much of a surprise to hear this option allegedly being considered for next-gen.

The publication also claims that GameStop may also work with third-parties such as Klarna and Quadpay to give customers more flexibility when it comes to paying.

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A rent-to-own option is also allegedly being considered. According to internal documents obtained by VentureBeat: “This plan allows the customer to walk out the door with minimal up-front money and pay their purchase off between 30 days and 12 months.”


Though we’ve yet to hear any confirmation about payment plans from GameStop, it’s good to see more options are being considered for families who might not be able to afford the consoles.

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The PlayStation 5 and its disc-less counterpart have yet to get their official price reveals, though we do now know the Xbox Series X will retail for $499 USD, with the Series S selling for $299. The Xbox consoles release on November 10.

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