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God Of War Director Responds To Fan Theory About Sequel’s Weapon


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Credit: Santa Monica Studio

Warning: spoilers for 2018’s God of War ahead.

If you didn’t know, Cory Barlog, the director of 2018’s hugely successful God of War, is insanely cool about interacting with the game’s many players online.

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Over on Twitter, Barlog is often quick to respond to GoW fans, retweet their fan art or just generally be an all-round nice guy, and a recent tweet from him has definitely caught the eye of a lot of fans.

Credit: Santa Monica Studio

A Twitter user/GoW fan by the name of Farore recently shared something of a little theory about the next game in the series, and Barlog took the time to give a rather cryptic but telling response.

“I was sitting in traffic, thinking about #Godofwar (like a normal person) I realized something about Sindri & Brok,” tweeted Farore. “When they 1st worked TOGETHER they made Mjölnir, then they separated.


“When they reunited they made the Leviathan, then they separated.

“Guys, we just reunited them.”

Of course, this revelation got Twitter all aquiver, with lots of people speculating that the next weapon in the game is going to come from the brothers, and how that might link into Atreus’ role in the next GoW title.

PlayStation 5 Exclusives
Credit: Santa Monica Studio

There are quite a few ideas throughout the Twitter thread, ranging from the Nemean Cestus seen in God of War 3, to the Blade of Olympus.

Interestingly, Barlog caught wind of the thread, and he responded with a very suggestive embarrassed emoji, suggesting that Farore – or someone else on the thread – might be onto something seriously important to the plot of the next game.

Credit: Santa Monica Studio

Although there’s no official word on a sequel to 2018’s God of War, with the cliffhanger the game ended on (and it’s multiple award wins), it’s only a matter of time before the team at Santa Monica Studio start to reveal more about the next game.

What do you think about Farore’s ideas and Barlog’s response?

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