God Of War Fan Creates Kratos in WWE 2K22 And It’s Incredible

A God of War fan has created Kratos in WWE 2K22 and it’s incredible. The talented creator has even teased more Kratos creations!

Reddit user HectorBarbossaTheGod posted his creation on the forum, and it was greeted with an overwhelmingly positive response. “How is that so perfect?” said RayAP19. “That’s such an accurate recreation. Literally thought it was the character model directly from GOW at first,” said ayyyymyg9877.

I noticed this amazing Kratos creation myself last week and instantly downloaded it. Trust me, it looks as good as it does in the images. Perhaps even better.

At the time of writing, this amazing Kratos creation has had nearly 30,000 downloads and over 1,600 upvotes on PlayStation. “God of War Kratos has arrived from Midgard” reads the description of the community creation.

wwe 2k22 kratos
Credit: 2K

How do I find Kratos in WWE 2K22?

Simply visit the “Online” tab from the main menu and select “Community Creations”. From here select “Downloads” and then “Superstars”. Once the many Community Creations are available to choose from, it might be best to then select the “Most Downloaded” tab to increase the likelihood of the best and most popular creations taking priority.

Now press Triangle to “Search”, make sure “Superstars” is selected in Categories, scroll down, and select “Hashtag 1”, then “My Hashtag”, type in “Kratos” and then search. With a bit of luck, this awesome Kratos creation should then appear at the top of the list. You’ll know if it’s the correct Kratos because the creator will be “Marcoandtarma

YouTube video

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Featured Image Credit: 2K