Graphics Cards Are Now The Cheapest They’ve Been In Years

It seems like now might be a good time to pick up a GPU, as prices are the cheapest they’ve been in two years.

For a good few years now, buying PC parts has, to be blunt, a pain in the ass. Part of the issue has been supply chain issues due to the pandemic. And part of it has been just because of how expensive parts are. But now, it seems that things might be changing. According to German tech site 3Dcenter (via Tech4Gamers), GPU prices are the cheapest they have been since 2020. 

According to 3Dcenter, the cost of graphic cards are only 25% higher than the actual cost of them when they are released. Now you might be thinking, ‘hey, that sounds like a lot still!’ And you’d be right. But a year ago, prices of graphics cards were over 218% their actual cost. You can blame crypto miners for that one. So yes, graphics cards are still more expensive than they should be, but it points towards things getting better.

Supplies of graphics cards are also improving, as the ethereum market has rebounded a lot in the last month. Though again, one of the biggest contributors to supply chain issues was the pandemic. Which now that more countries across the world are opening up, there should be less of a problem getting parts.

If you’re looking to build a PC, it might be worth considering doing so now. Or at least keep an eye on prices to see if they decline further. We have a tech guide here to the best GPUs for gamers to buy.


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Featured Image Credit: Nvidia