Guy Steals Multiple Vehicles In A GTA-Style Car Chase And Gets 160 Years In Jail

The Grand Theft Auto games allow you to go on all the crime sprees that your heart desires, but it’s definitely better for you to not take your experience outside of your home.

Credit: Rockstar Games

One person took things way too far when he tried to emulate GTA in real life. Ryan Stone stole multiple cars to kick-start a high-speed chase with the cops.

Travelling through five counties, ditching cars along the way and throwing passengers out of cars to steal them, Stone was prosecuted and ended up in jail – with a 160 year sentence.

Credit: Rockstar Games

He’s since been recorded from prison several times, showing off about his crimes and hoping to become internet famous. He’s even been trying to profit off his crimes via internet outlets including YouTube.

Check out this video below, which was shared on Reddit.

YouTube video

If you think a 160 year prison sentence sounds pretty steep, wait until you look further into the crime spree…

On the Reddit thread, one user summarised Stone’s crimes, which are a lot more harrowing than you might think.

The user writes: “[Stone]┬áis serving all of his sentences consecutively.

“He kidnapped a 4 month old baby in one car after he ripped the mother out of the drivers seat.

“He also hit and almost killed a cop throwing out a spike strip.

Credit: Rockstar Games

“Not to mention all the attempted manslaughter charges you could get for some of his driving.

“While he was waiting to be charged he was a completely unrepentent douche nozzel. He said he did it for fame and has tried to reach out to anyone who he thinks has profited from his crimes.”

He definitely should have just stuck to GTA Online.

Check out the Reddit thread in full right here.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games