Harold Halibut Is The Most Visually-Stunning Video Game You’ll See Today

As graphically impressive as games have become, they’re usually visually distinguishable. However, the latest trailer for Harold Halibut blurs the line between cinematic and video game animation entirely.

Harold Halibut
Credit: Slow Bros.

Harold Halibut is a stop motion animation in video game form. If you’ve ever watched a Wes Anderson flick, then you’ll know what to expect from this narrative adventure.

While the game is powered by Unity, it’s also handcrafted in reality before being scanned into its digital environment. The result is a game that essentially looks like a claymation film, which is slightly mind-boggling. 

Harold Halibut
Credit: Slow Bros.

If you’re unfamiliar with the premise of Harold Halibut, here’s the game’s back of the box Steam synopsis:

“It’s been 250 years since your home – an ark-like spaceship – fled an Earth on the verge of cold war to find a habitable planet on which to preserve the human race.

You are Harold, a young lab assistant for the ship’s lead scientist, Jeanne Mareaux. While most of the ship’s inhabitants have reconciled themselves to a life lived aboard the sunken ship, Mareaux still works tirelessly to find a way for the ship to leave the planet and find a new, dryer home.”

Harold Halibut
Credit: Slow Bros.

The most striking thing about Harold Halibut’s new trailer is the number of visual textures. Each material portrayed in the game looks real enough to touch, from the fibres on each character’s attire to the clay-like surface of objects. Of course, most of the game’s visuals are a mere illusion, powered by Unity and a shed load of shaders and lighting effects. 

Despite the trailer’s impressive visuals, Harold Halibut’s plot takes centre stage. The game takes place on a sunken city-sized spaceship trapped at the bottom of an alien ocean, filled with various NPCs.

Dialogue is definitely a huge part of the game’s experience, with each character featuring impressive voice acting that brings their scanned models to life. Naturally, the game’s character strays into uncanny valley territory, which is exacerbated by the fact that the game looks like real-life stop motion. 

Harold Halibut doesn’t currently have a release date. However, you can add it to your wishlist on Steam while you wait. Are you looking forward to this game? Let us know across our social media channels!

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Featured Image Credit: Slow Bros.