Hitman Developer Reportedly Working On Xbox-Exclusive Fantasy RPG

Is Hitman developer IO Interactive working on a new fantasy IP for Xbox? Apparently so, at least according to recent reports.

hitman 3 chongqing location
Credit: IO Interactive

The report comes from Windows Central, where it’s noted that the game is currently being developed under the working title of “Project Dragon.” According to the publication, the unannounced game will feature dragons, and will be a part of its own new trilogy. It’s also said to be an Xbox exclusive RPG.

A report from Eurogamer has also backed up the claims from Windows Central, claiming the AAA fantasy game is set in a “medieval-esque” world and it’s currently in its early stages of development.

The news of both reports was shared on Twitter by industry insider and serial leaker, Nibel.

IOI CEO Hakan Abrak recently spoke out about the studio’s plans outside of the Hitman series and the upcoming James Bond game. 

IO Interactive has recently wrapped up the recent Hitman trilogy and is now developing a new James Bond game that will spawn a new trilogy.

Hitman 3
Credit: IO Interactive

When speaking to Gamesindustry.biz, Abrak announced that a third IOI studio will open in Barcelona, Spain. The recent rumours have led some to believe that this new studio will be the one working on the fantasy game in question.

Without going into too much detail, we have a third universe that we’re working actively on, which is a bit different and absolutely a love child,” Abrak told Gamesindustry.biz. “It is something our core people, our veteran staff, has been dreaming about for some time.

james bond game
Credit: IO Interactive

At this time, we must take all rumours, gossip and speculation with a pinch of salt. However, would you like to see the Hitman developer work on a fantasy game with dragons? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: IO Interactive