The PS5 version hasn't been held back.

Horizon Forbidden West On PS4 Hasn’t Held Back PS5 Claims Director

The director of Horizon Forbidden West at Guerrilla Games has claimed that the PS4 version of the game hasn’t held back the PS5 version.

When we transition into a new console generation, there are some concerns from gamers when a game becomes cross-generation.

It is often thought that if a game is developed on two different generations, the newer version will be held back by the older version. The reason being is that developers have to split time working on each version, rather than investing all focus on the new, shinier version of the game.


Resident Evil Village can be seen as a good example of a cross-generation game done right. However, on the other end of that spectrum, the likes of Cyberpunk 2077 can be used as a polar opposite.

So when the director of Horizon Forbidden West, Matthijs de Jong had a chat with Hardware Zone, the Guerrilla Games developer helped to ease some concerns.

horizon forbidden west
Credit: Sony/Guerrilla Games

I don’t think the cross-generation development was limiting in any way,” said de Jong.


He continued: “When we started with the concept of this game, we had so many great ideas that ended up being included – to the point that we didn’t really think about hardware limitations or anything, we just wanted to design a really nice, unique experience for the player. An awesome adventure. That’s how we also brainstormed all the quests and events the player is going to go through.

Naturally, the PS5 version of Horizon Forbidden West will be enhanced in various ways, but I still jump into 2017s Horizon Zero Dawn from time to time, and that game still looks great on PS4. So personally, I have faith that the Horizon Forbidden West will be fantastic on PS4, as it will on PS5.

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In related news, some of the differences between the PS4 and the PS5 versions of Horizon Forbidden West were detailed. Also, in case you missed it, here’s everything you may have missed from the recent Horizon Forbidden West gameplay reveal at State of Play.


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Featured Image Credit: Guerrilla Games