How To Get the Longbow in Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima has a huge world to explore. There’s lots to do and plenty of enemies to take on. With that in mind it’s good to make sure you’re equipped to take on as many as possible. The longbow is an item you can get fairly early on in the game and it’s definitely worth hunting down sooner rather than later. You can watch our video guide below.

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To get the longbow you’ll have to start the Curse of Uchitsune tale. It’s not the shortest so make sure you have time set aside for it.

From there, your quest is reasonably simple. At least on paper. You need to find the blue flowers, which will help direct you to key locations. You get a rough area to search for your first hint. The blues really stand out so keep wandering until you find it. We found it by walking across the edge of the cliffs.

From there, you are now on the hunt for an island. That might sound a bit daunting at first but you will have picked up a picture to compare landscapes to in the tomb. Head to the edges of the cliffs and look out until you find a landscape that looks similar to what the picture shows. It’ll be commented on that there’s more blue flowers.

Credit: Sucker Punch

Head down to the island to find your next hint and a new picture. This time you have to find a mountain. We found it by heading to a survivor camp near the waypointed area (check the video for guidance where).

Once you have found the mountain, pick up the longbow and prepare for something to happen. We won’t tell you what, but you can watch the video above to see what it is.

From there, you have the longbow. Enjoy taking down enemies with it and adding some variety to your combat!