Infinity Ward Introduces New Way To Stop Call Of Duty: Warzone Cheaters

Even those who have yet to play Call of Duty: Warzone know the game has a pretty nasty cheating problem. The sad truth of free-to-play games is that they attract cheaters left, right and centre, and Warzone is no different. Activision has already banned over 70,000 cheaters since the game launched back in March of this year, and now a new way to stop cheating has been implemented.

Credit: Activision

It seems as though the majority of cheaters in the game are playing on PC, allowing for much easier ways to enable cheats than the console versions of Warzone. This being the case, Infinity Ward has decided to swoop in and crack down – specifically on PC.

Today a new measure will come into place, which will see two-step SMS authentication required for all Warzone PC players who log in as free-to-play. This nugget of extra security will hopefully do the job of making it a little harder for PC cheaters to do their thing, but whether or not it’ll work remains to be seen.

Sharing the news across social media, Infinity Ward called the new process “another step to provide an additional layer of security for players,” and the announcement has been met with praise from those who feel PC cheaters ruin the fun for everyone else.

Credit: Activision

Last month, gamers sick of dealing with PC cheaters turned off the cross-play functionality of the game when playing, meaning those on console would only be playing with those on the same console. It was a sloppy yet effective way to stop having to deal with PC cheaters, but pretty useless for PC gamers playing the game legitimately.

Credit: Activision

Activision and Infinity Ward are actively working to crack down on cheating in Warzone, so watch this space for more updates!

Featured Image Credit: Activision