Is It Final Fantasy or is it Vegan Food? – Cherry Picked Episode 14

Find out about the latest video game news AND test your knowledge of vegan brands! What other podcast makes this possible?

Credit: Square Enix

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This week on Cherry Picked by GameByte, Brett and Vicky are joined by another member of the Gamebyte team, Will. Our Keith is unfortunately in another castle but the show must go on!

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The team talk about Minecraft, Google Stadia, Apex Legends, The Last of Us, Generation Zero, Fortnite, Sekiro and more. This includes a quiz that asks a very important question… Is it a location from Final Fantasy or is it a vegan food? More specifically is it a location in Final Fantasy XIV or a vegan brand?

What is Cherry Picked?

Cherry Picked is GameByte’s podcast (the biggest gaming page on Facebook!)In theory it’s a video game podcast… but we go on too many tangents for it class as solely that. Each week there’s a fun quiz to take part in too on top of our gaming chat.


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