It’s Official: Neopets Is Getting A Full Mobile Version

Last year it was announced that the beloved childhood staple that was (and still is!) Neopets was getting the mobile treatment.

Although people were super hyped for Neopets Legends and Letters, a puzzle game for mobile which was announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, it wasn’t exactly what everyone was hoping for…

Back before the days of Club Penguin (RIP) we had Neopets, and we spent hours earning those Neopoints and saving up for those elusive paintbrushes, passing the time until we were ready to hit the tombola and munch down on a free omelette. 

Neopets Browser

However, it’s just been revealed that Neopets is going to be going fully mobile, meaning you can finally feed your dying Neopets on the go.

In a statement, the company announced: “The New Year is looking especially bright for Neopia as the team continues working to completely revamp the Neopets Universe by converting it to a mobile app now slated for a summer 2019 release.

“Comic-Con 2019 will feature unprecedented celebrations, events and prizes to honor this milestone for the entire Neopets community.”

Neopets Legends and Letters

Get ready for the ultimate in childhood nostalgia!

As for Neopets Legends & Letters, it’ll be available to download and play from January 17, 2019, courtesy of JumpStart Games.

Neopets Legends and Letters gameplay

Neopets CEO, David Lord, explained that the game will be a mix of: “Neopets lore, a puzzle game mechanic, and battles,” and of course, some Scrabble-like word games.

Sounds like it’s going to offer something for everyone, and it’ll definitely whet your appetite for the full mobile-friendly version of Neopets.

Neopets App

Will you be making a return to Neopia when the game launches?