Japan now officially recognises ‘Final Fantasy 7 Day’

Japan has officially made January 31st Final Fantasy 7 Day. This event celebrates the launch of the much-loved JRPG in its home country back in 1997. 

With a day now officially recognised by the Japan Anniversary Association, the news was announced on Twitter via the official FFVII account. It seems the 31st will now be dedicated to everything relating to the game. To celebrate, its producer, Yoshinori Kitase released a message. It reads – 

“The 31st of January 1997, the day that Final Fantasy VII came out, was not just a significant day for the Final Fantasy series, but also marked when so many big things started moving for those of us who worked on the game.

“I remember being overwhelmed at the breakneck speed with which video game technology was evolving, but also dreaming big things for the future. With the establishment of this official anniversary day, I will now always remember these things, and hold them dearly in my heart.”

Credit: Playstation

It has been a good few years since final fantasy 7

This news comes after an exciting few years for the Final Fantasy franchise. 2020 saw the release of the much-anticipated Final Fantasy 7 Remake. In addition, a remake of the PSP Crisis Core was also released much to fan’s delight. If that wasn’t enough, FFXVI will be released on June 23rd. Finally, this winter will see the arrival of the FF7 Remake, Rebirth, assuming it does not face another delay. 

This is not the first (or last time) a title in this series by Square Enix will be delayed but with a franchise as much-loved as Final Fantasy, fans will gladly wait. In its 26th anniversary, FFVII still stands strong as one of the best JRPGs of all time. It is lovely to see it get the recognition it deserves. 

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