John Carpenter suggests a Dead Space movie is in production

John Carpenter, the legendary horror filmmaker, has seemingly suggested that a Dead Space movie is in production.

Perhaps best known for iconic movies such as The Thing (1982), the Halloween franchise and Big Trouble in Little China, to name but a few, John Carpenter is also an avid gaming enthusiast.

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John Carpenter is a Dead Space fan

One video game in particular that Carpenter is a fan of, is the Dead Space series. What’s more, back in 2022, the horror movie maker even expressed his desire to one day create a Dead Space movie. Something which has apparently been a goal of his since 2013.

However, as much as Carpenter would like to make a Dead Space movie, that spaceship may have sailed. That’s at least according to an interview with Variety after he suggested that a movie adaptation is already in the works.

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Carpenter is a master of horror

I’m a big video game fan, so I played all the games,” he told Variety. “I was down looking at the new digital cameras, the RED, and happened to mention to them that I would love to do a Dead Space film. That just went around, and everybody said, ‘Oh, when are you gonna do it?’

Carpenter continued: “I think they already have another director involved, and they haven’t asked me to do it. So until someone asks me, I won’t do it.

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Is a Dead Space movie in production?

It’s important to consider that Carpenter suggesting that a Dead Space movie is in production may be based upon an assumption.

If a movie was already underway, it would be a massive deal and I would imagine that info would be out in the wild. After all, video game and movie leaks are difficult to contain.

However, if a Dead Space movie is already in production, let’s hope it’s in good hands. If not, you could do far worse than to put a legend such as John Carpenter in charge of the project.

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The remake is nearly here!

In the meantime, we’ll just have to settle with the two Dead Space animated movies, Downfall (2008) and Aftermath (2011).

What’s more, the Dead Space remake arrives this month on January 27th for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. 

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