Killing Floor 2 Is Getting Review Bombed After Adding Paid Weapon DLC

Tripwire’s Killing Floor 2 is the latest Steam get to suffer the pain of review bombs.

The six-player co-op games has dropped to a “Mixed” rating on the Steam store, with a huge number of negative reviews pouring in following the announcement of paid weapon DLC coming to the game.

Credit: Tripwire

In a blog post, the company explains that the addition of paid DLC comes down to a lack of funds, but promises that the new purchasable weapons won’t be Pay-to-Win items.

“As we have looked at the life cycle of the game, we strived to look at new ways that will enable the game to live on and grow well into the future,” says the blog post.

Credit: Tripwire

“With where we are with the project, we know there’s a hungry desire for everything featured in Killing Floor 2. While the updates have all been free in terms of features, weapons, zeds, maps, etc, the cost of development has certainly been anything but. Ultimately, that status quo of our current strategy cannot sustain the current level of support that you have all grown accustomed to without a major shakeup.”

The post continues: “Starting with our next content update all-new weapons will be sold as DLC along with 5 Unique Weapon Skins custom made for the weapon at a price of $9.99 SRP.”

Credit: Tripwire

Of course, the surprise announcement has caused a huge amount of upset in the Killing Floor community, with hundreds of negative reviews now being left on the game page.

One angered user writes: “Devs have made several promises, that were broken before launch and post. Engine was downgraded together with physics, game mechanics were simplified because of consoles. With MTX going on from the start and now $10-one weapons DLC, I’m not really sure what they are funding, bug or shovelware for sure.”

Another gave the game a negative review, explaining: “Cannot recommend the game because they have lied to the consumer about their monetization strategy and are ripping what little weapons they added in each update away to be resold in DLC in the future, which they stated they would not do.”

With such a big backlash on its hands, it’s not yet clear if Tripwire will continue with its plans.

Featured Image Credit: Tripwire