Mad Mikkelsen would have been great!

Kojima Pitched ‘Mad Max’ Game That Mads Mikkelsen Thought Was A Joke

Hideo Kojima reveals that he pitched a Mad Max game to Mads Mikkelsen, but the actor thought that it was a joke. Oh, what could have been!

As reported by Game Informer, the legendary Metal Gear Solid developer shared the pitched Mad Max story on Twitter.

I have a number of ideas that I want to create with Mads as the main character. I once explained one of them to Mads. He listened intently, but when I told him the title, he broke his face. He seemed to think I was joking. I was serious, though. The tentative title was “MADS MAX

mad max
Credit: WB Games/ Avalanche Studios

Obviously, this Mad Max pitch from Hideo Kojima never came to fruition. However, would Mads Mikkelsen have played Max or a different character? It would have certainly been an interesting concept.

We did get a Mad Max game in 2015, published by Warner Bros. and developed by Avalanche Studios. It was a decent enough game, in my opinion, averaging a Metacritic score of around 70.

Kojima and Mikkelsen have of course collaborated before with 2019’s Death Stranding for the PlayStation 4.

YouTube video

Death Stranding is also getting a re-release on PlayStation 5 later this month on September 24th with the Director’s Cut.

Would you have liked to have seen a Mad Max game from Hideo Kojima starring Mads Mikkelsen, I know that I would have? Let us know your thoughts across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Kojima Productions