The Last of Us fans spot exciting Part 2 connection in TV series

The Last of Us episode six might have just featured a cameo from a very important character from The Last of Us Part 2. Needless to say, fans are pretty sure it was who they think it is. 

Each episode of HBO’s The Last of Us consists of fans spotting easter eggs from the game (much to the dismay of our friends and family who are new to the show). This week was no different when fans think they may have spotted a familiar face. Although this character does not feature in The Last of Us Part 1, they play a key role in its sequel. 

However, it doesn’t come as a surprise that future characters are being introduced. The show was recently confirmed to be receiving a second season so it makes sense to be setting up storylines. 

Who’s the last of us mystery girl? 

If you are yet to watch episode six then be aware that the following will include spoilers!

The character in question is Dina, a Jackson resident and Ellie’s future girlfriend in The Last of Us Part 2. Although it hasn’t been confirmed to be Dina, many signs point to this fact. Not only does the actress, Paolina van Kleef, closely resemble her but how the two girls meet is strangely familiar. 

The Last of Us Potential Dina Cameo
Credit: Forbes

In a conversation that takes part in the game’s sequel, Dina and Ellie reminisce on their first time seeing each other:

“I was overwhelmed by all the food,” Ellie says, “I remember my first week just gorging myself. Stuffing food in all my pockets for later like it was gonna run out.” Dina responds: “I saw that! […] I remember thinking ‘who is this string bean girl stealing all the jerky?”

In comparison, the show features Ellie and Joel tucking into a meal in the cafeteria. Whilst the pair talk to Joel’s brother, Tommy and his wife Maria, Ellie looks over to spot a girl looking at her from behind a pillar. Although Ellie is less than pleased with this, fans took to Twitter to ask one thing. ‘Was that Dina?’

No confirmation… yet

The show and game’s writer, Neil Druckmann was asked if this was in fact Dina. He replied, “In Part 2, there is a story about the first time Dina met Ellie that is very similar to what happens here.” Additionally, showrunner Craig Mazin merely said, “That doesn’t mean that that’s Dina, but it doesn’t mean it’s not.”

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