Leaked DM’s exposes Indiefoxx plotting to get Amouranth mass reported and banned

With Amouranth receiving a ban from Twitch last week, speculation arose as to what the reason could have been. Now it seems as though the mystery has been solved.

Content creator and Twitch streamer Amouranth was hit with a few-day suspension from the platform last week. This was not her first ban but it did cause fans to speculate as to why the suspension was enforced. 

Now, thanks to leaked messages, it appears as though the ban could have been the result of a mass report. These come courtesy of fellow Twitch streamer Adriana Chechik who accuses Indiefoxx of plotting to get Amouranth off the platform. 

Plans to get Amouranth mass reported

Despite an ongoing feud between Amouranth and Chechik, it was the latter who brought light to Indiefoxx’s plans by sharing a series of messages. 

Indiefoxx was one of Twitch’s biggest rising streamers before she was banned from the site indefinitely due to a live wardrobe malfunction (she has now returned). With the infamous hot tub streams being something of a speciality for the streamer, she became a direct rival to Amouranth who produced the same style of content. 

Now it seems as though she, as well as another Twitch streamer TheDanDangler, have been planning to take Amouranth down from her perch. 

Amouranth received another Twitch ban last week
Amouranth was hit with a suspension last week

Leaked DMs

“I have a way to get her banned. If we get enough viewers, they will naturally mass report. Once I show them she’s breaking the TOS [Twitch’s terms of service],” wrote Indiefoxx in the leaked messages. 

It appears the plan concocted by Indiefoxx and TheDanDangler was to invite Chechik to a podcast in which they would discuss Amouranth. Despite initially agreeing, Checkhik later had a change of heart and instead revealed the screenshots to her followers. 

“Like what is this drama starting bullshit, I am team woman,” she wrote. “And when I said let’s do it I was referring to a collaboration not bringing a girl who’s banned on my twitch which is against tos to trash someone, you guys should start finding better idols to look up to.”

With Indiefoxx returning from a Twitch ban, it seems as though she is planning on getting revenge on her long-term rival. However, thanks to the leaked messages, it seems as though Amouranth is safe for now. 

Here’s the full video of the accusations:

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