LEGO Reveals Official Princess Peach Set For Mario Day

LEGO has officially revealed a new Mario set, this time giving us Princess Peach and her iconic castle. 

Now, you’re probably thinking: ‘Hey, yesterday was March 10, and that’s special because it was the day of the First Punic War: Battle of the Aegates.’ And you would be right, but it’s also special because it’s Mario day!

Nintendo normally has a few ways to celebrate this day each year. This year, we finally got what we all deserve: the announcement of a LEGO Princess Peach set. Up until now, the only bit of LEGO that featured Peach was with last year’s question block set. But that only saw her as a teeny tiny three piece figure. This new set sees Peach joining the interactive figure line like what we’ve already seen in Mario and Luigi.

Credit: Lego/ Nintendo

The LEGO Peach set is launching in August later this year, and comes with her own Peach Starter Course. The course seems to be the usual standard Lego Mario affair. But a separate set will bring in her iconic castle from Super Mario 64. The castle set also appears to be interactable in some shape or form. And it comes with a set of buildable Bowser, Ludwig, and Toadette figures too. Not only this, but a small set featuring Yoshi, and another set featuring Kamek and Toad were also revealed.

While the sets are not available to pre-order yet, the Peach Starter Course set will cost £54.99. And the castle set will set you back £114.99.

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Featured Image Credit: Lego/ Nintendo