Logan Paul Just Dropped $150,000 On A Pokémon Card

YouTube Logan Paul jumped to the number one spot on YouTube’s Gaming Trending list after dropping a cool $150,000 on a Pokémon trading card.

The controversial star recorded a full video detailing his experience of buying one of the world’s rarest Pokémon cards: a BGS-graded 10 Charizard.

Credit: YouTube:Logan Paul

For those not initiated into the world of hardcore Pokémon TCG collecting, there’s just 100 known BGS-graded 10 Charizard cards in existence at the moment, which explains the VERY high price tag.

Logan Paul didn’t stop there though, as he also unboxed a $200,000 first Edition Pokémon Trading Card box on stream in aid of NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Health. NAMI is currently running a charity event in which you can get involved.

YouTube video

The charity will be opening up packs of all Pokémon cards to ever have existed, and is giving away cards to those who donate to the cause. You can find out more details and get involved via the website right here.

Logan Paul isn’t the only content creator dropping big bucks for Charizards at the moment, as rapper-turned-streamer Logic has also done just that.

Logic is now the proud owner of a PSA 10 Base Set first edition holographic Charizard card after placing the winning bid at a recent Iconic Auctions event. Logic paid a lot more than Logan Paul did, winning the card for an eye-watering $220,574 – the highest recorded sale of the card to date.

The two creators bonded over their love of Pokémon cards on Instagram, where Logic shared a video of his cards, adding: “When I was a kid I absolutely loved Pokémon but couldn’t afford the cards.

“I remember even trying to trade food stamps for theirs and now as an adult who has saved every penny he has made being able to enjoy something that I’ve loved since childhood now as a grown man is like buying back a piece of something I could never have, it’s not about the material it’s about the experience.”

Logan Paul replied: “We’re taking our childhood back.”

Take care of those cards, boys!

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Featured Image Credit: YouTube:LoganPaul