Major Animal Crossing Update Revealed, Adding Brewster, Froggy Chair, And Much More

Animal Crossing New Horizons is getting a massive overhaul update that looks to bring it up to scratch with what fans expected at launch. It includes Brewster, new design options for your island, and much more.

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Nintendo recently hosted a Direct stream dedicated to Animal Crossing. There, the company announced a hefty amount of new content arriving in the game next month. The first big update arrives in the museum. Brewster has finally taken up residence in their coffee shop. There, you can chill out with your own beverage and hang out with other islanders.

brewster’s back, baby

Another new feature are the new Island Tours. Setting sail to other mysterious islands will see you find all sorts of new flora. Some of them might even be set at a different time of day. Harvey’s Island is also seeing some upgrades. You can now contribute bells to try and encourage new shops to open up there. Eventually, it will become a bustling plaza for all sorts of businesses to thrive.


The home renovation has seen some major improvements. You can now hang items from the ceiling with new decorative items, including lights. Furniture can now be placed much closer together with characters shimmying between small gaps. If you’ve ever wanted to create a proper kitchen, now you can. The DIY+ system adds a full cooking system to the game. Players can even invite other islanders round for dinner.

And for those of us who’ve been clamouring for it for ages, Animal Crossing New Horizons is finally getting the Froggy Chair!

Around the island, the number of total slopes and bridges has been increased to 10. A new crafting item lets you place permanent ladders, too – there’s no need to whip out that pesky ladder every time anymore. New storage items should make exploring and designing that bit easier, too.


It’s a great deal of content to arrive in Animal Crossing New Horizons, but it will sadly be the last free update for fans. Version 2.0 is set to release on November 5th. A paid DLC is also on the way called ‘Happy Home Paradise’. It will task players with designing a holiday resort.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo