Man Bored of Xbox Asks for Jail Instead of House Arrest

A man who was serving house arrest in New Zealand has asked police if he could finish his sentence in prison rather than in his own home.

He has already served 10 of his 11 month sentence and then decided to talk to police about finishing his sentence in a jail. He said that he was sick of house arrest and sick of playing Xbox.

The 19 year old man also said that he “had run out of Xbox games to play”. This is particularly odd as almost no-one would want to be in jail rather than in their own home. Clearly this man was particularly bored at home playing his Xbox.

In addition he could have bought himself a Playstation or Nintendo Switch to play other games on rather than just relying on his Xbox for entertainment. He also only has 1 month left to serve so he might as well play another few rounds of CoD zombies to pass the time rather that going to jail where he would probably be even more bored. What a mad man.

I wonder how many Fortnite wins he has managed to pick up in his 10 months under house arrest.

What would you do in this situation, would you continue playing or take the prison time? Or just not break the law at all?