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Redditor Shares Mario Kart 8 Tip That Everyone Needs To Know

A user on Reddit has shared a very helpful tip for players that want the best chance of keeping their first place position in Mario Kart 8.

Recently my wife, my son and I have been playing a lot of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch. When in first place, I’ve always felt that you’re at a disadvantage in terms of what ability items the game gives you from boxes. I’m definitely not the only one who thinks this.

Mario in Mario Kart
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When in the lead in Mario Kart 8, I mostly receive three coins from boxes and – in my frustration – I’d get rid of them almost instantly. However it seems that I was making a mistake by doing that.

Reddit user CaveTan shared their insights as to why, when in first place, it might not be such a good idea to quickly discard the three coins you receive from boxes.

I constantly see people on reddit talk about how Mario Kart is unfair because it rewards the people in the back and ‘you only get s****y items in first place.’ This is absolutely not true.” said CaveTan.

The user continued: “Usually what happens is; when people are in first place, they get a coin and use it immediately. What you should do is hold onto the coin until the next item box! (Even below 10 coins, for the reasons stated at the end). The only item you’re able to roll now is red shell, green shell, banana, and boombox.

(Note: You can use the coin as soon as you hit the box so you’re already prepped with your new item.) This gives you several more opportunities to get the item that prevents the blue shell from hitting you. It’s a significant boost in the amount of items you get. This is extremely important for avoiding the pack behind you and protecting yourself from red shells.

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Credit: Nintendo

When in first place I’d often hold onto items that might be able to prevent me getting hit by shells. If timed right, I could use a shell I’m holding to deflect an oncoming shell or better still, use the boombox. 

It seems that I was already doing some of what the Reddit user was suggesting, however there is an effective way to increase the chances of acquiring certain items with the aid of coins, something that I never knew.

CaveTan went into a lot of depth on how to make the most out of the coins you pick up, as well as strategies to increase the likelihood of picking up the items you need to maintain your first place position.

If you waste your coin, you will most likely get a coin again and then get hit by a red shell. Sometimes doubleboxes are trapped. Some doubleboxes are in un-ideal areas, especially for holding a good pace. Example: On one map, a wheel rolls down the center where the double boxes are. If it’s currently there, and you don’t have a coin, you could get a coin again. Holding onto the coin is the solution.

mario kart
Credit: Nintendo

Also note, when you get far enough ahead, you’ll eventually start getting a coin as your 2nd item, this is your “get another item free card.” Never use the coin in first place until your next item starts rolling. (Unless there’s a good opportunity to get a doublebox without losing pace).

TL;DR: Coins stop you from rolling coins again in the item box.

CaveTan concluded by making two further points on how to get in first place during the race and staying there. CaveTan said: “It’s important to get to 10 coins right away first so you’re not reliant on double boxes for your coins! Get in 1st place ASAP so you can get 3 coins in a row uninterrupted. Coins give a small bonus to your speed. At 10 this adds up.

Use your items frequently and throw them behind you when you get another item if you have a coin as your 2nd item. This is how you get a better chance at getting the boombox,” concluded CaveTan.

mario kart
Credit: Nintendo

So there you have it, if you didn’t know of these techniques already, CaveTan has just helped many Mario Kart 8 players, so thank you for the tip! Show CaveTan some love on Reddit here.

Are you impressed with this Mario Kart 8 tip, or was this already in your arsenal?

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