Metro Exodus Players Use Steam Reviews To Attack Epic Store Exclusivity

In case you haven’t already heard about the controversy surrounding Metro Exodus, here’s a recap.

The game was pulled from the Steam store in favour of the Epic Games Store in a sudden move that left Steam players really p*ssed off.

Credit: Deep Silver/4A Games

The game hasn’t yet reached Steam yet, but angry fans have taken to the review section on the platform to blast the game as The Epic Games Store doesn’t have user reviews, reports PC Gamer.

Although, it is quite odd as the reviews are positive. Which is an interesting approach as they obviously don’t want to slam Steam for something they have no control over.

One review says: “Genuinely, one of the best story driven games I have ever played. A shame that the publishers, not the devs, messed up the games success by choosing to take the cash and push the game to the Epic Games Launcher. Would definitely say that this game is worth the purchase, if it ever comes back to Steam.”

People have also taken to review-bombing Steam’s other Metro games in protest, and one developer who worked on the game lashed out at the fanbase.

A user by the name of Scynet posted on a GamerU forum [translated by Steam Community], saying: “It seems that people did not want to play, just waited for a reason to pour out their bile. That is, it turns out that we (the developers) for years have been hard and painful, with losses, trying to do something special, but a certain category of players believes that our work is not worth even a couple of minutes to install the launcher.

“Naturally, it is their life and their right, but then what do they care about the Metro? Obviously, it is not interesting to them. I can only say that they were not our players either, they are not interested in our work, which means that, for example, the opinion of such people is not interesting for me either. What is the point for me personally (and not only) to listen to their opinion?…

Credit: Deep Silver/4A Games

“[If] all the PC players announce a boycott of the Metro, then the next metro, if it does, is definitely not on the PC. Better or worse, decide for yourself.

“I personally feel sorry for the loyal fans, yes. But my assessment of the work done personally by me and my friends and colleagues will not change this. I firmly know that almost everyone who pours this dirt on the net is also incapable of a bit of what we have done and hopefully do more. And that means they have no idea what they are talking about.”

Credit: Deep Silver/4A Games

The comments sent the internet into an uproar, and the game’s developers Deep Silver and 4A Games have now responded.

The companies said the comments “do not reflect Deep Silver’s or 4A Games’ view on the future of the franchise,” putting the complaints down to a “passionate individual” who’s seen “positive goodwill towards his work turn to controversy’” [via Ostrog].

Featured image credit: Epic Games/Metro Exodus