Another step forward for accessible tech.

Microsoft Introduces New Adaptive Accessories To Make PCs Accessible

Microsoft has revealed a range of new accessories for PC users to help improve accessibility.

The tech company has revealed these new accessories over on the Microsoft Accessibility Blog. As well as demonstrated them in a new video. In total, Microsoft is introducing three new accessories called the Microsoft Adaptive Ecosystem: the Microsoft Adaptive Mouse, Microsoft Adaptive Hub, and Microsoft Adaptive Buttons.

Microsoft explains in the blog post that each piece was designed in partnership with the disability community to empower those who may have difficulty using a traditional mouse and keyboard. “These adaptive accessories can perform a variety of functions, thereby alleviating a pain point for those who find it challenging to get the most out of their PC,” wrote Microsoft.

YouTube video

how do the accessories work?

Interestingly, these pieces will also be customisable, as users will be able to configure and 3D print parts in ways that work best for the individual. The video covering the new accessories also spoke with April who runs the blog Ability Powered. In the video, April explains how the Microsoft Adaptive Ecosystem can help her worklife. As well as help out in playing games.

She notes how she can set up the buttons to be app specific, with one button functioning as copy and paste. Or how in a game, one button can specifically cast fireballs. 

Microsoft has been putting a lot of work into accessible controller inputs. Having introduced the Xbox Adaptive Controller a few years ago. So this Microsoft Adaptive Ecosystem seems like another great step forward for accessibility.


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Featured Image Credit: Microsoft