Microsoft Reveals Nintendo Rejection Letter Following Failed Buy-Out Attempt

Microsoft has revealed the Nintendo rejection letter following a failed attempt to buy-out the famous Japanese company.

Back in the year 1999, Microsoft was on the verge of entering the console market with the release of the OG Xbox. At the time, SEGA and Nintendo were the two console giants, while the PlayStation was the new kid on the block.

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Both Microsoft and Nintendo had two consoles releasing in the upcoming years, namely the Xbox, and the GameCube in 2001. However, before they arrived, Microsoft had made a cheeky attempt to acquire the services of Nintendo.

As reported by Eurogamer, as part of the Xbox 20th anniversary celebrations, Nintendo’s rejection letter was part of the Xbox interactive museum. A digital museum that celebrated the history of Xbox and a place where gamers could check out their stats over the last 20 years. It really is a cool place and you can check that out here.

Furthermore, as part of the celebrations, Microsoft presented a panel which was hosted by former Nintendo chief, Reggie Fils-Aimé. It was here when the glorious and somewhat demoralising rejection letter was revealed.

In 1999, a document from Microsoft was sent by the then hardware chief Rick Thompson, to the then business boss of Nintendo America, Jacqualee Story. The letter in question proposed a meeting with Nintendo’s Hiroshi Yamauchi and then boss of the Japanese giant, Genyo Takeda.

That’s a no from Nintendo

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Credit: Microsoft/Nintendo

In 2000, Nintendo replied with a letter of rejection. Much of the letter has been obscured, likely due to legalities, but here’s what we can make out.

Dear Jacqualee, I appreciate you taking the time to try to arrange a meeting with Mr. Takeda and Mr. Yamauchi to discuss a possible strategic partnership between Nintendo and Microsoft on future video game platforms,” opens the letter. “I understand Mr. Takeda’s concerns about the possible partnership and will try to [obscured] the guidelines that he has requested.

Towards the end of the letter, Microsoft briefly mentions its “Xbox project” which was the codename for the first Xbox console. Additionally, it also mentions that Microsoft would “help to make Dolphin the best,”. Dolphin was the codename for GameCube.

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If there ever was a Marvel-inspired “What If…?” scenario, it would have been interesting to see how the gaming landscape would have changed if Microsoft were successful with its attempts to buy Nintendo.

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